Eternally grateful

“This is my beautiful daughter Ellie. She is 15 years old. In February 2017 she was diagnosed with a pilocytic asrocytoma brain tumour. On Valentine’s day 2017 she underwent lengthy surgery to have the tumour removed and whilst this was a successful operation she has been left with a large cyst within her brain. 5 days after her surgery she suffered a stroke, which has left her with lifelong disabilities with her balance, walking, right sided weakness and short term memory loss and she now suffers focalised seizures. Despite all she has been through and continues to go through, she still manages to smile, keep up with her school work and remains positive about her unknown future.

In March of this year, Vicky and the RDF charity paid for her to be pampered at Liberty hair and beauty salon. She was treated to a cut and colour, eyelashes and a manicure. This wasn’t where Vickys input finished, having travelled this journey herself with her family with devastating consequences, she insisted on treating the entire family to a bowling trip. Not just any bowling trip though, this was 2 games of bowling, enough vouchers to pay for food and drink and some arcade games while there plus sweets for the children. To include the entire family meant so much to us as the “well” members especially children, often get forgotten about. They are walking this journey too and when so much of a parents time is taken up with caring for a poorly child and taking them back and forth to hospital they feel left out.

We wear our RDF wristbands with pride, car stickers prominent in the car and my pen and badges sit in my uni pencil case. To say thank you is just not enough, you brightened my baby’s smile and made my family forget for a few hours of what goes on in our daily life. We are eternally grateful to you all. I never had the honour of meeting Rhys but I could bet my last penny he would be the proudest son knowing that through the darkest times his mum and the charity she has set up in his name are bringing some sunshine to the lives of those who need it! Rhys’ donation foundation – we thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Xxx”