The key objective of Rhys’ Donation Foundation is to raise funds for the public benefit, and thereby provide relief and assistance to young people and their carers within the East Midlands who are directly affected by all types of cancer.

This is achieved by the provision of items and services to improve the quality of life for young people suffering with cancer, and support for carers through provision of items and services intended to ease the disruption and hardship caused by cancer.

Rhys’ Donation Foundation raises money to provide items of comfort and distraction, including, for example:

XBox Vouchers
iTunes Vouchers
Tickets for days outs
Cinema vouchers
Takeaway food vouchers
Assistance hampers for parents/carers

In general, the aim is to provide items of individually modest cost (but, cumulatively, over a period of time, of potentially significant value) that are not available from other charitable organisations, which may provide some relief from the devastating symptoms of, and the side effects of treatment for, cancer.