About Us


When Rhys was unwell he spent long periods at home with regular hospital visits, inevitably often without the company of his friends who were at school.

During this time, although he continued with his studies where possible, like many young people Rhys would occupy himself by playing video games, watching DVDs, listening to music, and keeping in touch by using his laptop and mobile phone – all things that Rhys’ extended family were able to support and provide for him, but that other families in the same situation may struggle to afford.

Rhys’ parents were, thankfully, able to cover the additional expenses that family life disrupted by cancer brings, but many families may struggle with the often unexpected costs that can rapidly drain the bank balance and increase the high levels of anxiety already being experienced.

Rhys’ parents and siblings would regularly travel out of the area to be with him in hospital, which meant that – for many months – the routines of normal family life simply did not exist. Regular mealtimes became a thing of the past, and – when arriving home late in the evening – the last thing that anyone wanted to do was start cooking.

Family and friends were very supportive, rallying round to help with some meals, but often there was no practical alternative to having to spend money on takeaway food – and, particularly if there are several mouths to feed, the costs can very quickly mount up.

To say that this is an extremely difficult time is to greatly understate the impact that living with cancer has – not just on the person directly affected, but on every member of the family from young to old.

After he died, Rhys’ mum, Vicky, and stepdad, Dave, together with a group of friends, vowed to do whatever they could to support other young people and their carers who are living with this devastating illness.

From this, Rhys’ Donation Foundation [RDF] was founded to help provide comfort and distraction through the provision of items that can help make living with cancer a little more bearable for young people, and to support their carers through help with some of the increased day-to-day costs that coping with cancer invariably brings.


Through our fundraising, Rhys’ Donation Foundation are able to provide items of comfort & distraction to families including:

XBox Vouchers
iTunes Vouchers
Tickets for days outs
Cinema vouchers
Takeaway food vouchers
Assistance hampers for parents/carers


The aim is to provide items of individually modest cost (but, cumulatively, over a period of time, of potentially significant value) that are not usually available from other charitable organisations, and which may provide some relief and distraction from the symptoms of – and the side effects of treatment for – cancer.

Rhys’ Donation Foundation was registered with the Charity Commission on 21 June 2018 [reg. no. 1178893]. The stated Charitable Objects are ‘For the public benefit, the relief of young people and carers within East Midlands who are directly affected by cancer, in particular by the supply of provisions to support and improve their quality of life.’